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Hello, I'm Cari

Welcome to my creative space, where a lifetime of learning, exploring, playing and creating has brought me to this place!

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My Story-
Breathing Life into Stories Through Photography and Creativity

Stories hold a magic that only truly comes alive when shared by those who cherish them. I'm a solid believer in this philosophy, rooted in the countless stories my mother read to me as a child. She became my personal audiobook, breathing life into words and transforming black print on white pages into vivid tales. This early exposure ignited my imaginative spirit, allowing me to effortlessly visualize characters and events as they unfolded.

With over 17 years of experience as an educator, I've worn the hat of an animated storyteller for countless children. Through this role, my affinity for language and its power to bridge connections and facilitate learning has come alive. Today, words aren't just words; they combine with visual storytelling through images and videos to create the rich digital tapestry we call social media. This evolution has redefined how we explore and read.

My purpose is to elevate stories. This might mean capturing cherished family memories or shedding light on the narrative of a business. I'm captivated by the small details – the spaces where learning, laughter, connection, and value intertwine.

Based in Edmonton and surrounding areas, I'm a natural light lifestyle photographer with a diverse skill set that spans photography, videography, web design, and social media content creation. Since 2014, I've been professionally capturing moments and sharing the journey with clients through life's milestones. In recent years, my portfolio has expanded to encompass brand development, logo design, website support, and crafting digital content for both businesses and personal endeavours.

An adventure enthusiast and mother of three boys, I'm no stranger to stepping into different spaces to elevate your unique story. From acreage living to urban exploration, I've embraced diverse experiences that fuel my creative drive. Let's embark on this storytelling journey together – whether it's freezing a moment in time or creating a digital presence that reflects your essence.

Renee Putnam, Client

“Cari of Elevated Digital and Photography understands the need [of her client] and exceeds expectation!"

Brittany Cartney, Client

"Cari's natural talent and attention to detail creates incredible photos and lifelong memories. Her love for photography radiates from her as she captures the perfect moment"

Geha Gonthier, Client

"I love Cari's unwavering commitment to excellence. Her professionalism, reliability, and creativity make her an indispensable asset to any team or project. I wholeheartedly recommend Cari for all your photography and online presence needs – you won’t be disappointed!"

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Sturgeon County, Alberta


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